Paintball Adventures

By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Combining the adrenaline-pumping action of combat with teamwork and strategy and you have paintball. Channel your inner Rambo at any of these dedicated paintball venues.

AAA Paintball Park (303 county Route 23, Constantia, 315-472-9988,, $10 field fee. Rentals available). It boasts five playing fields. Explore nine acres of varied terrain and structures, including a fort, islands, Old West town, and more.

Adrenaline Zone Paintball (134 Forest Way, Otego, 607-432-7465,, $7 field fee). It has safety-certified game areas. The terrain includes woods, open meadows and a fort.

Holland Paintball Adventure Park (11586 Holland Glenwood Road, Holland, 716-418-7223,, admission, rental and “ammo” packages start at $35). It offers the option of lower-impact, .50 caliber paintballs, which don’t sting as much. The playing fields include wooded areas, obstacles, open meadows, look-outs and forts.

GRC Paintball (5907 Vanallen Road, Angelica, 585-466-3050,, contact for pricing). It doesn’t let rain wash out your plans for paintball fun. The facility includes nine different playing areas inside and outside. They include woods, a village, and obstacles.

Hilltop Paintball Sports Complex (565 Rover Road, Fort Plain, 518-993-4200,, $15-20). It provides four playing fields: speedball, wooded/farm field, big game, tepees, and a war zone. The fields vary from beginners to advanced levels, so Hilltop is ideal if your group includes a mix of skills.

Kittatinny Paintball (3854 Route 97, Barryville and 2389 state Route 97, Pond Eddy, 845-557-8611,, $35.95). It lends the feel of a military operation, right from the transport truck ride to the playing field. Bunkers scattered throughout the forest continue the theme, along with optional camouflage suit rental. Players are welcome to bring their own lunch or purchase food onsite. Unlike some sites, Kittatinny permits outside weapons, as long as they’re calibrated within the facility’s limits.

If You Go

To have more fun with paintballing:

• Make reservations to ensure your group can get in the day you want. Some operate only on weekends. Inclement weather may close an outdoor facility, so call ahead if you’re unsure.

• Review the site’s website for rules and comply with them. For example, some do not permit outside paintballs. Each facility specifies age minimums.

• Wear the safety equipment issued, especially face shields.

• Plan water breaks to stay hydrated. Bring along snacks.

• Use only equipment accepted by the facility. Some do not permit high-powered paintball guns.

• Do not modify equipment.

• Find out what else is available at the facility or nearby.